Bromo Day Tour

Bromo Day Tour suit for you who on tight schedule, Cruise ship passengers or willing a new sensation. The tour package start from Surabaya, Malang also Probolinggo. Yet it can be combined with another tour package on this site. If you prefer relaxing trip and deserve more rest you can visit Bromo Tour 2D/1N or you can access our Homepage to know our whole Tour Package. In addition if you Arrived at night we have Bromo Midnight Tour. We hope you enjoy our Bromo Day Tour Package.

Bromo Day Tour


The Bromo Day Tour can start from Surabaya, Malang or Probolinggo and pick up point can be Hotel, Airport or Harbor Including Cruise Ship Passanger from Surabaya or Probolinggo Port.

After meet and greet with our staff we continue to take you to Mount Bromo parking area. It takes about 3 hours to travel from Surabaya or Malang and only 1 Hour from Probolinggo city. You can rest along the way until reaching the Bromo parking point. Bromo Day Tour

After reaching parking area we tranfered you to Jeep 4WD to go to Mount Penanjakan or Seruni point to enjoy the scenery of Mount bromo. We have to walk from Jeep parking point and passing the King Kong hills while we reaching the top of Mount Penanjakan. After reaching the Peak of Penanjakan we can rest awhile and enjoy some coffee or tea.

Afterwards our local ranger will take you to the slope of Mount Bromo and will be passing the Poten temple. When we get to the slope of Mount bromo we have to pass 300 steps before reaching the peak of bromo. After that we can visit Teletubies hill also savanna. Finish with this adventure time to go back and have some lunch and we will drop you to your next destination.

End of Tour.


  • Recomended time to depart from Surabaya and Malang at most 7Am.
  • Cruise passanger can arrange this trip with certain condition.
  • Depart at 10Am to enjoy sunset at Bromo area.
  • During the day will be enjoyable to ride a pony.

Feel free to contact us if there are additional locations you want to visit. You can contact us using below Contact Form

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