For you who not mind to share the transportation with other, or you who want to travel at low price. Bromo ijen group sharing tour is the answer for you. The transport sharing can save lot of budget and making friends with new people allows the next trip to get a cheaper price.

Bromo ijen group sharing tour for those of you who travel alone, couple, or those of you who come with groups of people. There is no minimum to do the tour, even 1 person will departs for a trip.

What we offer ?

Bromo ijen group sharing tour offer basic accommodation to make it happends. Standard accommodation that meets the minimum requirements of foreign travelers. standard of comfort is our priority wrapped in super cheap prices is amazing!

The tour can start from ( Airport, Train station, Hotel or Bus Terminals) and the time was flexible at most 5 PM from surabaya. Itinerary described below :

Bromo Ijen Group Sharing Transport Tour Itinerary

Day 01 –Pick Up – Bromo area.

Upon pick up meet and greet with our staff, we take you to bromo area directly. The pick up time based on area and after we meet all traveler we directly go.

After check in proccess is free time, you can explore surrounding area of hotel/accommodation until bromo tour next day.

Day 02 –Bromo Tour – Ijen area.

Start early morning at 3 am from hotel, after regroup and divided the jeep portion. We take you to Penanjakan with 4×4 Jeep to discover the sunrise of mt bromo. The mount bromo sunrise will gradually appears at 5 am. You allowed to admire the sunrise, well known for the best view of the beautifull colors Sunrise and to see the eruption of the highest Mountain in Java Island Semeru Mountain (about 3685m).

Afterward we take you to sand of sea before visiting the Holly Mountain for the Hindust peoples Mount Bromo (about 2360m). Reach the summit to admire the undanger active crater. You can walk or riding a Pony Horse to reach the top of the Mount Bromo. Proceed to Ijen area after visit bromo and breakfast at accommodation.

Day 03 –Ijen Bluefire Tour – Drop Out

Start at midnight, leaving your Hotel or Guest House to go tp paltuding the entrance gate to visit the amazing Ijen Crater. Admire the beauty of Sulfuric acid with the Tourqouise Colour Lake and the Blue fire phenomena.

Upon arrival at the edges of the crater you’ll be welcome with the blue fire. Blue fire happend because of the heat of the crater of Ijen combined with sulfur to create the effect of blue flame on the surface. At sunrise, tourists can see clearly Ijen crater lake. Ijen Lake formed from a volcanic eruption about 2500 years ago, and fumarole (vulcanic gas eruption). Ijen crater  depose 8 Tonnes of sulfur daily.

And you’ll be amaze with the local people who can transport 80kg at once from the Mines untill the Foot of the Mt. Ijen by using only a bamboo ladders and pick sulfur with a bamboo basket.
After Kawah Ijen Blue Fire Tours, we’ll be drop you to Ketapang Harbor.

End of Service.

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