Sukamade tour can start from Ketapang, Banyuwangi or combined with Bromo Ijen Tour. The tour begin when we switch to jeep and drive about 6 hours off-roads to reach sukamade village. Feel the tense experience of going through forests and plantations. Sukamade Beach is a part of Meru Betiri National Park. In Sukamade, there’s also the location of the turtle egg hatchery, the eggs collected by goverment ranger to prevent eggs theft and eaten by other animals. For all turtles that are successfully hatched are released back into the sea.

Sukamade turtle beach
Sukamade Turtle Beach

Sukamade Tour Itinerary

Day 1

Pick up by jeep at meeting area, and directly drive to homestay at sukamade area. On the way we are passing Green bay “Teluk hijau” or Rajegwesi Beach and we can also stop by there. 1 stop to take lunch at local restaurant that serve local food then we can continue to go to your homestay.

Green bay beach.
Green bay

Upon arrivals, take some shower and wait for dinner to serve by local people then we go to Turtle hatchery as known as local ranger office. In this place the local ranger will give us some advice how to treat Turtles when they begin to lays eggs, then we can go to the beach(800m walk).

Arrives at beach we can wait for signal from local ranger who search for the turtle. They will tell us when the turtles ready to lays eggs and we can come to watch from distance. When see the Turtles you are not allowed to smoking, turn on the flashlight, loud talking or making any noises.

After finished taking Turtles picture we go back to Homestay and rest.

Day 2

Morning call about 6 Am we take you to Turtle hatchery, The ranger will give us a bucket of baby turtles that ready to release. After release the baby turtles back to homestay and take some breakfast, shower and rest for awhile.

Afterward we take you to your next destination and Sukamade tour finished.

End of Service.

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