Surabaya city Tour

Surabaya is famous for its historic buildings and the best transit point if you want to continue the journey to mount bromo and kawah ijen. We provide Surabaya City Tour before you continue to take our Bromo Overnight Tour or Bromo Ijen Tour.

Surabaya city tour for those who want to explore surabaya city and for cruise ship passengers who are leaning in surabaya north quay. We have chosen a location that is very popular among tourists and we hope you enjoy our surabaya city tour.

Below is the list of location that famous among the traveler.

  • House of Sampoerna.

The House of Sampoerna Museum (HOS) offers a truly unique experience for visitors. From the story of the founding family to a close look at the cigarette rolling process that is still done manually in the production of Dji Sam Soe’s cigarette.
Inside the museum cafe, visitors can buy various souvenirs related to this Sampoerna building, such as: miniature traditional cigarette stick equipment, cloves, books and shirts.

  • Hotel Majapahit.

Hotel Majapahit Surabaya as a historic building now managed by Mandarin Oriental, is also located on Jalan Tunjungan.

Historically, the Majapahit Hotel was the most memorable place during the struggle between Indonesia and the Dutch Colony. This tragedy is celebrated as Hero’s Day, every November 10th. Since that day, Surabaya became an important city in the struggle of the Indonesian nation and it happened in Jalan Tunjungan Surabaya.

  • Hok Teng Hian Pagoda.

Pagoda Hong Tiek Hian, is the oldest pagoda in Surabaya built by Tartar forces in Khu Bilai Khan era at the beginning of Mojopahit Kingdom. This pagoda is located on Jl. Dukuh, in North Surabaya, in Chinatown area.

Religious place is visited by many people every day. Apart from being a place of worship, in this place are also often held traditional Chinese events such as Pho Tee Hi puppet shows or celebrations of Chinese big days like Lunar New Year.

  • Heroes Monument.

The hero monument is built in the form of a “reversed nail with a height of 40.45 meters with a diameter of 3.10 meters and at the bottom of a diameter of 1.30 meters.Under the monument is decorated with” Trisula “carvings,” Cakra “,” Stamba “and” Padma “as a symbol of the fire of struggle.

Inside this monument, there is Museum 10 November. The Museum of Sepuluh Nopember was built to clarify the existence of the Heroes Monument and as a perversion of historical evidence on 10 November 1945.


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